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Turkey 🇹🇷 Sacred House | Take Blood Bath

Life and travel, it's all about experience.

We have been to many places, stayed in regular to luxury chain hotels and resorts. But when we arrived Cappadocia | Turkey and checked in Sacred House, it was not a lodging, it's an unspeakable experience. The hotel is located in Cappadocia’s Ugrup area.

Yes, you can take a blood bath here, or it will fill like. Underground pool paved with red mosaics, it gives the feeling of blood bath, remember it's a sacred place. Outside you will notice says "If God will send his angels"



Scared House architecture and interior designed by Turan Gülcüoğlu, hotel was built without considering the cost. It's an Architect's dream to build something like Sacred House. It has 21 uniquely decorated rooms, each with an unique name. We stayed in "Opium", one of the Signature Rooms.

"His face as pale as the opium poppies white petals

His heart as cold as the purple base

Oh to sleep the sorrow away

To leave the broken heart pain for another day

Just a taste of this pretty poppy

To forget for a moment her luscious lips

His body becomes drowsy as the opium takes hold

Sweet dreams"

-From Hotel Web on "Opium"

Some hotels are better than others. But this divine hotel inspires mystery. Architecture and interior at its best. Our experience n memory here will go long.

Sacred House | Our Experience on YouTube


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