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ANTARCTICA The Closest Thing on Earth to Another Planet

You may or may not visit this remote continent. And it is not possible to bring Antarctica to your living room couch through words, photos or few video clips. Here, you would find a glimpse of what it feels like to be there, to the end of the world.

Antarctica Itinerary

Itinerary: 16 Days SilverSea Expedition

Our Antarctica trip was with SilverSea Silver Cloud, a mid-size expedition ship. 16 Days all inclusive cruise from Punta Arena, Chile left the port in December 21, 2021. For detailed day by day itineraries, click here.

Photos Antarctica | Falkland Islands

Photos do not do justice for this fairyland. The remoteness, silence and loneliness isn't just magnificent, perhaps humble to know how little and helpless we are. The entire continent is filled with ice over 1.3 miles think. It is truly a world unknown to almost all of us.


Videos Antarctica | Falkland Islands

Crossing the Drake Passage, city size icebergs, endless landscape covered with snow and ice, penguins nesting, albatrosses flying out of nowhere, whales feeding ground, kayaking through millions of pieces of floating ice are just a glimpse of Antarctica. It's here!

Book: ANTARCTICA The End of the World

Some would refer to Antarctica as The White Continent, for others it is The Last Continent. As a traveling American couple of Bangladeshi origin, we – Sarmin and Bahar – love to call this the End of the world. Together we have traveled to all the seven continents. But Antarctica has captured a special place in our hearts. When we reminisce about our journey to this mysterious continent we still wonder, was it real? Does this place really exist?

Read the book filled with stunning photographs.

Antarctica Book


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