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So why I’m adding these profiles to a travel related arena? How they could possibly inspire someone traveling around the world when most didn’t do it for their own. Bear with me, I will get there.

Whether you are a believer in creation or accepted the fact that we all evolved in nature, one thing certain that we are the only species capable to ask the question- Why? Why we are here, what is the purpose of life. What a magnificent question we are capable to ask. 

Now step back for a second.  We live on a planet, one among few other planets around the sun. February 1990, as suggested by Carl Sagan, a photo of planet earth was taken by Voyager-1, just outside of our doorstep near Saturn. The Famous Pale Blue Dot ( If you would look into the photo, it would be hard for you to see the dot, and that dot is our entire planet. If you could take the photo from the edge of our solar system, you wouldn’t see the planet. You are still within THE solar system. If our sun disappears now, it wouldn’t be noticed by someone (if any) on the other side of our own galaxy, Milkyway. About 100 billions starts in the Milkyway. 

Be patient for a second please, our known universe has two trillion galaxies. If our entire Milkyway disappears, it will go unnoticed in the ocean of other galaxies, no one would know we were here. Knowing something big and visualizing it are two different things. 

If you put it in  perspective, try to understand how tiny you are and your place in nature, you would know - truly you are almost nothing. The value of our life only measured by our own experience. 


These are the individuals, their work and understanding of nature made a profound impact to own life. Forever it helped me to understand my place among everything else I know of. I too know my limits, I know I can’t go to space, can’t go beyond that. Only heaven I would ever know is this planet, our home. 

It’s  a tiny speck floating in the vast space, but so big for anyone to venture  in a single lifetime, even if we live hundred.  

[YouTube links added on profiles, you may find worth listening, you may visualize how small you are and how important it is for you to be happy in this life. Life is all about your own experience.] 

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