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Serengeti, Endless Plains | Tanzania 🇹🇿

Kichakani Serengeti Camp, Tanzania:

We moved from Massai Mara, Kenya to Northern Serengeti, Tanzania. Mara and Serengeti is basically one open land, no airports, only small airstrips serve by small aircraft, but immigration facilities between Mara and Serengeti by air. So we had to take two flights. Mara Kitchwa Tembo to Migori close to Kenyan border, a driver came with a car from Tanzanian side, and we crossed land border for immigration purposes. We then crossed the border, few miles away they was small aircraft waiting for two of us on an airstrip named Tarime. From here, our flight took us to Lamai. Once again were picked by Sanctuary driver/guide, Emanual and drove to a camp driving thru high grassland area. The Kichakani Serengeti camp has 10 tents, all fully functional with western toilet and bucket hot shower. Shower is basically on demand, you ask the room attendant and he will pour hot and cold water in a bucket behind the tent, lift it with pulleys and shower is ready. It is a unique place out in the open grassland, home of lions, elephants, hyenas and you name it. Night was little scary as few elephants were roaring close the tent, hyenas call kept me wake few times.

Game drive in Serengeti was completely different than Massai Mara. Serengeti (North, Central, South) is almost 20 times larger than Mara. The word Serengeti means Endless Plains, and you have to see your own eyes what endless plains truly means. As far as eyes go, flat high grassy land, no roads, 4x4 open car may struggle to pass some areas wet or sunken. Animals are all around. The world comes here to see the great migration. About 2 million wildebeests and 200,000 zebras will move across the Serengeti South to Central, then North to Massai Mara crossing the most dangerous Mara River when countless wildebeests and zebras will be killed by preying crocodiles. The herd was still in central Serengeti moving north, we have seen hundreds of them as they were arriving to northern part. We have witnessed lions mating, enjoyed lunch in the open savanna, and cruised through the tallest grassland that will be but to ground when 2 million wildebeest will arrive. Landscapes in the background, animals in the foreground, and 100s of photos through my lens filled the memory of our brief moment in Serengeti.


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