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Faroe Islands 🇫🇴 | Have you heard about it?

View from our Airbnb

Some of you probably don’t know where Faroe is, many may not visit this place. Faroe doesn’t have any warm weather, true summer never arrives here. But the magnificent landscape and loneliness makes it a true fairyland.

Faroe is self governing, but part of the Kingdom of Denmark. 18 rocky volcanic islands can be found on the map between Norway and Iceland. We didn't know about this place until we went to a travel expo in New York City, and the moment we have seen some photos of landscapes we knew we will be here soon.

Fly Here:

There may be different ways to arrive here, we took "Air Iceland" from Iceland. Other flights are available from Denmark, Norway. Some may be seasonal.

We flew here in late May, 2019.

Roundtrip fare 400 USD (approximate) per person between Iceland (KEF) - Faroe (FAE).

Airbnb: Hillside Cottage with Panorama View


There are few hotels, but some of the Airbnb and their locations will blow your mind.

You are looking at where we stayed for 3 nights.

Accommodation cost 600 USD (approximate) for 3 nights.

Driving thru Faroe

Car Rental:

To explore the Islands, car rental is a must here. Self driving is easy, roads are as good as any Western European countries. Most of the Islands are connected via tunnels, some single lane, driving with care knowing right of way is MUST.

Food & Cash:

There are not too many restaurants, know where you are going and plan your meal ahead of the time. Few restaurants at the center of the town may require reservations. Zero cash required. Credit cards are accepted everywhere, even up in the mountain.


A witch from Iceland who alongside a giant, travelled to the Faroe Islands and became envious. The pair attempted to rope the islands together to bring them home, but they were immovable despite trying throughout the night. When the sun rose, they turned into stone and can now be seen as sea stacks on the northern coast of Eysturoy.

LIFE is an off the beaten path. We must walk it on our own. Sometimes magnificent things happen here, and sometimes we are lucky enough to see and capture some of it. Faroe is truly a fairyland.

Our YouTube Video:

We invite you to enjoy the video from our trip, and decide if you wish to visit Faroe. With video, listen to Allan Watts, British-Amerrican Philosopher. His words, understanding of LIFE and nature helps us keep going. You may find comfort just listening to him.


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