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Antarctica 🇦🇶 | We are leaving HOME planet

I have particular set of skills, but not writing. It is truly hard to explain what goes in our mind. We are about to set our sail to

the last continent, scheduled December 2021. Of course we are excited for actual trip, but half the excitement is behind us, how we planned and managed to pay for the trip.

August 2019, we wrote the BIGGEST check, paid in full to SilverSea Expedition Cruise to Antarctica. With that, we made a history to our own travel experience.

It was around 2016 when Sarmin (she) wanted to visit Antarctica, then I had no clue on logistics or how much this could cost to us. When I came to know the price range, it was WOW! So, she decided to wait, save money and do it the best way possible for us. Her virtual piggy bank, putting money on the side ended up a good chunk of savings for the trip. August 2019, we pulled the trigger, paid in full for trip scheduled in November 2020, 15 months ahead of the time.

Year 2020 is all about COVID, cancellation and pain and sufferings all around. At the end of 2021, we see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are now on schedule to depart in December. Travel restrictions, change of port/country, government approval, vaccination, PCR test, health declaration, health insurance quarantine, will talk about that some other time. Let's focus on we had a dream, and we are at the doorsteps.

Dream is the absence of reality. Sometimes reality comes close to dream, and this is what we are experiencing now.

Someday I want to write this story, how it all began, our desire and feelings towards this destination. Perhaps, planning this voyage is the best we could offer to ourself. Half the joy of this trip is actually from planning to getting on board SilverSea Cloud Expedition. Almost two and half years, our trip was fully paid. Current hanging price tag on this voyage for two $50,000 USD (approximate), we paid significantly less than that 2+ years ago.

We travelled 80+ countries in 6 continents, this is my only trip ahead I have some fear, and the fear is unknown “what if” from now to December 19th. Then I realize, most important joy of the of trip is done, pulling the trigger, and we did it. The joy is like no others.

There is a travel quote says “If Antarctica were music it would be Mozart. Art, and it would be Michelangelo. Literature, and it would be Shakespeare.”

For me I don’t know Mozart, Michelangelo or Shakespeare. For me it’s left for imagination, and its an amazing one waiting to be discovered.

My foot may stumble, but it will be my stumbling footprint in a new world.

Be Inspired: Charles Bukowski


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