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ANTARCTICA 🇦🇶 | Is this real? Are we real?

Knowing something big, visualizing it, see them with our eyes; they are all different things.

Travel doesn’t make one significant, rather it reveals how small we are, how insignificant we are. Perhaps for few moments LIFE means something to us, but if we can move away few steps far, we realize each of ours LIFE literally means nothing to the rest. The day of your absence wouldn’t be felt by others isn’t behind you, it’s about to happen, ahead of you, it’s coming.

The “I” is everything. It is all that matters to you, me and all around us. We all “I”, only experiencing a different world through time and space. Remember Carl Sagan, remember his “Pale Blue Dot”? Entire earth suspended in the sunbeam like a dot just few steps out from this planet. It wasn’t just a photo, it’s a perspective how small we are.

Our last continent, Antarctica. For a moment it may feels like a white god sitting in the south pole, covered with 1.5 miles thick ice. If gets angry, it can flood the entire ocean 200 feet above where it is now. BIG! But just a drop of water to the size of our planet. And the planet is just a speck on “Pale Blue Dot”. Do we really need to go outside of our star? Perhaps not. There are few other photos out there tells a story of a bubble 92 billion light-years across, known universe. It’s just a number for us, we know this, but can’t visualize it, can’t see it.

All dots are connected, we all connected. Within it, each of us are seen as nothing. Then again, we are the universe of our own. Out there, in Antarctica, I have seen something. Something that will remain within “I”, my experience. Countless photos and videos, clipped few moments here. My eyes were filled with something that can’t be expressed.

This is Antarctica, end of the world. And yet, it isn’t for us.


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