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Mongolia 🇲🇳

You go to Mongolia to see nothing, and that’s the key.
In the highland Gobi, it is the most incredible nothing you would ever see.

You know, nothing is more incredible than Nothing.
Nothing is more real than Nothing. In the highland, you wouldn’t find any road, you see the land to no end. There is no destination, journey here is the destination. We traveled his far, Gobi desert. Endless flat land ahead, driving thru dirt road, no destination, to see nothing, and we ended up experiencing most incredible nothing.

I don’t know if I have words to tell the story here. Photos may walk you thru into the LIFE of simplicity and happiness under the open sky.
We spent an evening with a Nomad family in Gobi desert. One little hut (they call it Ger/Yurt) in the middle of nowhere. Two little girls live here with their grandparents. Their parents moved out of the desert for living. All day long there isn’t much to do here except taking care of their sheep and goats, no friends around, not many toys, just the open sky above. And they are happy as life could be. I know 20 years from now, I will remember this evening for no other reason but the little girl who embraced us with the light of happiness.

Links to our YouTube video in Mongolia:

Visited Places

Ulaanbaatar Vicinity:
-Terelj National Park: 2 hour east from Ulaanbaatar. Nomad family. It’s a harsh land. LIFE doesn’t offer much here, except simplicity in vast open landscapes.

-Hustai National Park : 2 hours west from Ulaanbaatar. It’s ~500 sq. km wild horse conservation area.

-Genghis Khan Statute Complex: World largest horse statute made of stainless steel, Genghis Khan on horseback pointed east towards his birthplace.

-Ulaanbaatar, Mongolian cultural show

Gobi Desert:
-Flaming Cliffs, a region in the Gobi desert. First dinosaur eggs ever found here. We were lucky to see some fossil on the ground. Its a unique and special place.

-Yol Valley , Gobi’s Secret. Gobi is the coldest desert on earth. Yol Valley within Gobi remains as it’s natural secret. Parts of the valley and canyon remains frozen all year around, even in July.

Route & Stay

Of course we flew to Ulaanbaatar. We used Russian airline Aeroflot taking off from New York City.
In Ulaanbaatar , we stayed in Springs Hotel Khuvsgul Lake Hotel.
Our trip to Gobi was managed by Gobi Nomad Lodge ( We booked a private tour package including guide, driver, 4WD and accommodation with attached bath, hot shower, western toilet and AC. Our guide, Sara (wonderful journey with her) picked us from Ulaanbaatar Hotel and flew both ways with us to Gobi. We simply loved it.


Mongolia is a must visit, Gobi remained one of our fav 5 places to visit.
Anywhere you go, try horse ride
We can’t recommend anyone other than , our experience was beyond our imagination.

Shopping: Best Cashmere in the world.
In Ulaanbaatar, Gobi Cashmere Factory store (


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