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Kenya 🇰🇪 | Tanzania 🇹🇿

Kenya | Tanzania -The Endless Plains

Maasai young men jump high to be superior among others. Higher they jump, more eligible bachelors they are to attract brides. So why they jump and not kill lions or predators? They used to, not anymore. They too learned to live with others in wild who roam free in their vast Serengeti, the endless plains. Visiting this part of the world, East Africa was a dream for long. And it’s now about to come true. We two, both full time professionals with limited time-off from work. So when we leave home to explore, every hour counts, we simply can’t spare a day not doing much on travel track .

I did some research, contacted few companies/lodges in the vicinity of Maasai Mara and Serengeti. And almost after 100s of emails, I settled our custom private tour with Sanctuary Retreats, very reputable company manages all inclusive lodges/tents in Kenya, Tanzania.

Mara and Serengeti is basically one open land with invisible land border between Kenya and Tanzania. Crossing border requires immigration and customs clearance. Flying between two countries has to be through international airports, but that would take us back to Nairobi (Kenya) and Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), far east and backward. These two parks (Mara-Serengeti) sitting next to each other, and driving between parks isn’t an option for us, it takes more than half a day, and no paved roads becomes difficult during rainy season.

Fastest way to explore Maasai Mara and Serengeti is small aircrafts (4-8 people) using airstrips between lodges, this case instead of one flight there will be two flights across the border. Crossing border here is always on foot/vehicle. There are many airstrips throughout both parks, and it’s a popular way to explore few parks within a short period of time.

Visited Places

Itinerary set for 8 days/7 nights in three national parks
Maasai Mara-Kenya
Ngorongoro Crater-Serengeti

Route & Stay

We planned for 7 nights in three parks.
Three nights in Maasai Mara
Two nights in Serengeti
Two nights in Ngorongoro Crater

Route Plan:
International flights between New York City to Nairobi via Doha (managed by us)
One night stay in Nairobi (managed by us)
Domestic flight from Nairobi Wilson Airport to Mara Kichwa Tembo (managed by us).


Research on travel season. We visited at the end of wet/rainy season, end of May to early June. We loved it. Connect and communicate with few travel companies for price and itinerary. After researching few, we selected Sanctuary Retreats and we loved it, entire trip was flawless, professionally managed.


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